Tekashi 6ix9ine is learning quickly how deeply the music industry is intertwined after he released his new music album ‘Tattle Tales’ and all leading music selling point platforms suppressed the release and it doesn’t appear anywhere on their front pages!

The rapper who already does not get any radio play and doesn’t have any other means of making innings in the industry is having a difficult time finding a gauge of his projects!

69 wanted so bad to debut at number 1 on charts but without something to measure his success then he has no base to determine how well his album is doing so it can reach the top slot!

The rapper said he woke up sad, feels like he wants to cry when he found out he had been shut out by all platforms because it is like he never released anything!

So what happened to the rapper? Why are these platforms shunning him? Well it’s simple! The intertwining of the music industry in terms of who these bosses are behind the scenes is shocking!

And so you will find some of these rappers 6ix9ine is always beefing with have roots in all these platforms based on who owns the contracts they are signed under!

So because of his trolling ways he will find that he has those bosses to content with who might also be feeling some type of way because he cut their cheques by a certain percentage by putting down their artistes! What the streets would call finishing them!

The other thing is how the rapper has been publicly attacking billboard about being paid to make some artistes number one and others to disappear despite having numbers to make it to the top!

Nobody knows how far the connection between billboard, Apple Music, Spotify goes given they are in the same industry!

They could have ganged up against the rapper to curtail his growth and minimise the attacks he levels against them!

You remember Billboard at first when 6ix9ine called accused them of bias they deleted all his music from their platform. They could have reached out to the rest of the platforms and told them to be careful with the man!

Or simply the platforms were watching and learning how dangerous he can be if left to his plots! And so they took some tools away from his project and that is why it does not appear anywhere on their front pages!

Or are the platforms respecting the hip hop culture that they have built their business around? Remember 6ix9ine snitched breaking street code. The culture has distanced itself from him, is this the final nail on his coffin?

We will have to wait and see how this works out and how the platforms respond to his new allegations! Tekashi 69 asked for a fair fight so he can prove himself in the game!

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