Donald Trump is a very volatile person and many of his decisions are create very severe discussions and ramble emotions every time.

Even as controversy around his Covid-19 diagnosis ranges on, the president continues to make decisions that are leaving him exposed and it is even becoming difficult to keep a tabs with him!

Trump is being accused of knowing he was sick a day or two earlier than it came out that he was positive therefore exposing even more people to the virus willingly which many can’t comprehend and even more are noting the criminality in that if it is true!

But scratch that and Trump despite being positive and despite guidelines stating clearly that one must remain isolated and stay in one location until they are cleared by a doctor, Trump continues to break those guidelines!

The president was briefly driven out of the Walter Reed National Military Hospital to go and wave to his supporters that were gathering outside the hospital before he was taken back!

Now as crazy as that sounds, even more is the concerns for his security detail that he continues to put in danger knowingly!

The president made his team to get involved in this dramatized drive by to wave at supporters and although they wore masks they were still exposed and it has become a topic of discussion online with many disqualifying that act!

In his video he goes on to claim that he met with soldiers at the hospital raising even more questions on how reckless the president is willing to be with this virus!

Check out the video below of him driving by to wave at his supporters and the video of him talking about how he met with soldiers despite being positive and claiming to have learned a lot about the virus and how interesting it is!

The check out some of the reactions online below. Let us know what you think yourself on the comments down below.


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