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Tyga Hands Hulk Hogan’s Son An L After Sliding In His GF’s DM

There was a point when Tyga was pretty much a walking L but he’s bounced back. In actuality, it feels like he’s handing out Ls today.

Most recently, he got into a little back and forth with Hulk Hogan’s son, Nick Hogan.

It all started earlier today when Nick Hogan attempted to “expose” Tyga for sliding in his girlfriend’s DMs.

Tyga essentially reacted to her IG Story with lustful eyes before Nick Hogan replied with a selfie of himself, replying, “What’s up.” “When they slide in @thetanalea’s DM’s,” Hogan captioned it.

Ultimately, it was Tyga who had the last laugh in the scenario. Moments later, he shared a screenshot revealing that Lea had been in his DMs in 2018 and apparently, it took him two years to actually reply.

He deleted the post from his Instagram Story, though he did flex a little bit harder afterward.

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