When rapper XxxTentacion died many were devastated and still are, but the ray of hope was beamed across the globe when it was later announced that his girlfriend was pregnant with his baby!

This arose a great deal of hope in many of his fans and even helped many to finally let go of the star’s death given the painful circumstances that he died in.

Fast forward and when the baby finally came, millions of his fans across the world celebrated. It is still one of the best moments in hip hop although no one knows whether the boy will pick up after his father and continue his mantle!

But that notwithstanding, to many it meant all was not lost!

Fast forward and Chadwick Boseman is no more! It is the saddest time in our culture! If you want to know the power of Chadwick and his influence; the post that was made on his Instagram page after his death has attracted over 16 million likes and over 500k comments!

That is raw power!

The man married only a few months ago. He married his longtime girlfriend Taylor Simone Ledward. What a beautiful thing! It was enough time for things to happen!

As we reported before; 2020 was bad for Chadwick as his health went down the hill but according to our sources; sometimes he was bad sometimes he was okay! You wouldn’t even notice he was sick if you didn’t know!

Did Chadwick do his thing and leave us a gift? The biggest question/wish on everyone’s mind right now is; ‘IS SHE PREGNANT?’

Could she be the bearer of the legacy protector of who Chadwick Boseman was and is? Could she bring to us the chosen one who will continue the legacy of our hero?

But sadly, all our sources were not able to confirm this except they say there is a chance.

We will have to wait to see in whenever 9 months gets here and we get a leak of the news or she decides to tell the world of the good news.

Chadwick was a very secretive man. Not much is known about his personal life and if she learned this from him then you can bet finding this out is like trying to locate Wakanda in real life!

But if this were to be, then we would all gather in unison to agree that his legacy is safe for generations and even we may get another Chadwick to fill the big shoes he has left!

Let us know what you think on the comments down below and we will keep you posted as we get more information on the same!

R.I.P Chadwick. You lived well in our eyes. You are the epitome of self-actualization!



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