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Will And Jada Pinkett Smith Were Privately Separated During August Alsina ‘Entanglement’

Jada Pinkett Smith and husband Will Smith have revealed that they were privately separated when singer August Alsina had his contended relationship with the actress.

“Somebody made a statement for me that wasn’t a statement I made, that went cray-cray,” Jada, 48, began on her Facebook Watch series “Red Table Talk.”

“I would usually not … you know, that would be something that I wouldn’t comment on at all. It’s a situation I considered private,” she said, with Will, 51, adding, “You just feel like it’s nobody’s business.”

Ultimately, the couple decided to address the controversy because, according to Jada, “people’s feelings are involved” and “there’s a healing that needs to happen.”

The “Girls Trip” actress began by explaining that she and Alsina developed a close friendship four years ago based on her desire to help him through both physical and mental health traumas.

Will then added that the Smiths’ relationship to the “No Love” singer was largely based on helping him receive proper medical care.

He needed plenty: In 2014, Alsina collapsed during a concert and was in a coma for three days. The following year, he underwent eye surgery to correct his vision, which he was slowly losing.

Alsina would later share that he was also diagnosed with liver disease in 2017.

The couple then admits that they privately separated soon after bringing Alsina into their fold, leading Jada — who later admits she’s been drawn to people who seem to need help — to get into “a different kind of entanglement” with the singer, who’s now 27.

Jada denies Will gave her “permission” to see Alsina, but says she understands why the crooner would assume he did. She also knows Alsina wouldn’t want to be perceived as a “homewrecker.”

After admitting to her relationship with the R&B star, Jada claims she was “broken” and looking for fulfillment in others at the time.

She also says she and Will began “healing” their own relationship and realized that they simply couldn’t escape each other.

“We did everything we could to get away from each other, only to realize that’s not possible,” Jada told her husband.

Will then jokes about supporting his wife through her “transgressions,” leading Jada to say, “I actually don’t look at it as a transgression at all.

Through that particular journey, I learned so much about myself and was really able to confront a lot of emotional immaturity, emotional insecurity — and I was really able to do some really deep healing.”

After Jada decided that she and Will were meant to reconcile, Alsina cut off all communication with the two of them.

In his part August Alsina has been taking his followers in a journey of understanding where he is coming from by coming out the front with the expose he revealed about Jada noting that after almost dying last year, he decided to just live more freely and be free of any mental imprisonment he may have had in the past!

“Me this year VS Me this time last year!.. 😂😤A nigxa was bouta kick the bucket lol. I’ve tasted and toyed w/ death, therefore I want to live a life purposeful, w/ intention, & no regret. One thing that’s certain is we are all living to die. Death, we should fear not! Fear being alive, while dying & being dead inside; so create the life you see fit for yourself. Autonomy; Will it hurt? Yes. Will you be hated & create enemies along the way? Yes; yet if there’s no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm. 💡 Will you fail & fall at times? Yes. Experience all sorts of spiritual warfare, witchcraft & ppl talk about you? Yup!That too! 😅You gone hear all type of things said about u. Throw it behind you, Get back up, dust it off, keep it moving & forever strive to LIVE YOUR SOUL, NOT A ROLE ‼️⚡️👁✨”

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Posted by Red Table Talk on Friday, July 10, 2020

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