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Youtuber Nicknamed ‘King Of Sting’ Let A Murder Hornet Sting Him And What Happened Next Is Shocking

Huge, monstrous insects nicknamed “murder hornets” were spotted in the US for the first time at the end of last year. Because that’s exactly what we need.

Officially called Asian giant hornets, the insects killed 41 people in the Chinese province of Shaanxi in the summer of 2013. They’ve also beheaded entire colonies of bees and even murdered mice.

A YouTuber showed us what a sting from one of these murderous creatures actually feels like in a video uploaded in 2018 on the channel Brave Wilderness.

Coyote Peterson, known as the “King of Sting,” made it his mission to experience the most painful stings all over the world. He chose the Japanese giant hornet — a subspecies of the Asian giant hornet — for one episode.

“I haven’t been this nervous since the tarantula hawk,” Peterson said, shaking, while the hornet writhed between a pair of tweezers. He then lowered it toward his arm and let the insect sting him.

“Oh man, wave of dizziness really quick,” Peterson yelled, saying the stinger had lodged in his arm. “Searing pain. Absolute searing pain. Did you not see how slow the sting was?”

Peterson’s colleague told him he had to describe the sting, and he said his arm was locked in place.

“When the stinger went into my arm, I had this wave — this wave came over me, and I got super dizzy,” he said. “Almost didn’t feel what was happening. And then the pain was immediately searing.”

His arm started to swell dramatically after just a few seconds, and he said it was still incredibly painful 20 minutes later.

“No relief yet,” he said. “It’s just a matter of harnessing the pain, controlling the level of pain, and rolling around on the ground and screaming at this point.”

So it’s probably safe to say a sting from a murder hornet hurts like hell.

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