A couple were stopped by customs in a car labelled “zombie hunters” and laden with bows and arrows, tear gas and electric shock devices, amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The occupants of the Hummer, with the logo “Zombie Response Team” followed by the words “Infected people will be shot” had driven from Germany to Sweden, Swedish TV station SVT reported.

The man and woman took a ferry from Travemünde in northern Germany to Malmö, Sweden on March 25.

They were stopped by customs who discovered the weapons.

A rifle and batons were also found.

The pair are now facing court over the haul, with the prosecutor saying they didn’t know they needed permission to take the items into the country.

According to the report, the couple were moving to their summer cottage, so had packed up most of their home.

They also say the weapons were ornamental.

Swedish news agency Sydsvenskan, said the Zombie Response Team is an association of people who prepare for an apocalypse.

One says it is a gathering of self-taught Zombie Apocalypse “survivalists”.

The prosecutor told the court, according to SVT, “no information has emerged in the interrogation, that they planned to shoot zombies”.

There are multiple Facebook pages and groups called Zombie Response Team.

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